Thursday, April 3, 2008

You're on in Five

Wouldn't it be a shame to sit in a coffeehouse full of writers.
All of them clacking on their laptops and drinking lattes.
Glancing up every once in awhile to seek out a muse.

You look up and see a man looking at you, searching for it.
Joni Mitchell is singing about clouds, love, and life.
You're like her: You know nothing.

It would be strange to be the person who walks in without
a laptop, needing no latte, and who is content with staring
at the walls or their hands.

As you sit down, you can feel the eyes of everyone on you.
Searching your person for inspiration and love.
They're counting on you. Knock 'em dead.

1 comment:

jaygoldz said...

i have been her.