Monday, April 7, 2008

Cabbage Patch Kids

She could have very well had sex with him
that day.
She shaved her legs and wore her cutest
pair of panties
A pair of Cabbage Patch Kids undies
that read: "You're one of a kind!"
Right on the crotch.
She was hoping that her crotch was
one of a kind.

There were a few instances when she
hitched her skirt up to her knees and
placed her leg between his.
It may have been nothing, but it was
the sexiest thing she'd done all day.
It was definitely "one of a kind" to her.

She did not have sex with him that day
Though it could have very well been for
herself that she shaved her legs and wore
her cutest panties.
To know that she could lie with a man
with her skirt hitched past her knees, her
leg between his made her feel:
"One of a kind."

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