Monday, April 7, 2008

Never you mind, I've got enough music and poetry to keep me company.

I've got to be a little crazy
to be sitting out here.
On a hill with no one
I imagine that's what
passing students must think

"Isn't she cold?" "It's so
windy and cold, is she crazy?"

Maybe she is
I don't know
I just felt like being
outside and alone
No one is on this hill
and for good reason.

It is fuckin' cold
My face is cold My
fingernail beds are
bluish My nose is

But it's the most
refreshing feeling I've
felt in a few months
and it's the most control
I've had in years.

"Look at that cold girl sitting on that hill."


MelCoyle said...


Sitting on cold hills alone is cold please come back down I have marshmallows.


C.L. Halliburton said...

thank you mel, i'm coming.