Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Got

I got a toe cramp
I got what feels like a broken heart
I got no plans, no friends, no thoughts about the subject at hand.
I got twelve minutes till the bus comes
I got six fellow human beings to wait with
I got issues with the weather
I got music falling in my face
I got no shades to stop the assault
I got shoes in my bag to change into
I got no energy to retrieve them
I got a boy staring at me
I got a bored look to give him
I got a breeze brushing my cheek
I got empty pockets
I got no baby, no love, no lover
I got little self control, a lopsided smile, a couple jokes
I got lies, a few tales, an attitude problem
I got rights that I refuse to use
I got baggage to claim, but won't get around to
I got four minutes till the bus collects me
I got a thought now
I got a thought that's bigger than myself
I got to dance as soon as my toe cramp subsides
I got urges, bi-lingual passions, industrious plans
I got no harbored fugitives, no formidable skills
I got inaccessible energies
I got mild anxiety
I got a wounded heart, maybe not broken, maybe sprained
I got no heart
I got a stubborn lion in my pocket
I got bad references
I got pressure, some motion sickness from being still
I got life, but little left
I got a bus to catch

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