Thursday, July 24, 2008

This moth is still bothering me.
It's dead and I'm still weirded out.
Should I just move? There are plenty of other open seats.
The dead moth is keeping me here like an assumed
Are moths signs of death or the moon or neither?
I am more upset for this dead moth than
any person who sat here previous to me.
That's telling me something about myself.
I imagine it flew into a million lights
and flew with a million moth friends before tonight.
But it died alone--- a million miles away from everything
but me.


MelCoyle said...

Moths are so sad and tiny. Ugly butterflies. It doesn't matter if they have beautiful wings no one is supposed to see them it the dark they're like secrets. I'm so sad for that moth.

I like the picture on your blog it's stellar.

Charish Halliburton said...

thank you.
I agree.