Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hi! My name is Charish
and I am calling myself
a writer these days.
I surround myself with
people who create.
I have a tasteless sense
of humor.
There are still a lot of
things that amaze me:
People are still eating
I enjoy dating boys so
I can write about it.
I like to stare at people
and make up stories
about them. They are
usually lurid and over-
reaching tales of
scandal and intrigue.
I sing aloud in a small
voice and dance when
it suits me. That is
most of the time. I am
sympathetic to the point
where it hurts. I forget
that is called
empathy. I laugh a lot
too. I worry about
things that are out of
my control. I laugh at
kids who claim they
are so OLD! Fuck, I'm
old. But not old enough---
certainly not mature
I tire every easily, but
only because I'm lazy.
I'm extremely lazy be
cause I'm done applying
I have no idea what
I want to do for a living.
Ain't I living right now?
Why worry about
living for later?
I enjoy acting like
a philosopher.
Lovely to meet you.

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