Monday, July 7, 2008

Millennium’s Bastardized Children

Online predators
Mexican landscapers
Land division
Sweet 16
Rigged erect— I mean, elections
Spitting women
Reality minutes— Everyone’s got talent, the kind that sucks dick
Petrol hoarding steel shrapnel
lap-bands, lap-dance, bypass, biracial
Injected beef
Insecticide sugar
Inane music
All in the name of a Holy Land
Holy shit
You can now say that on t.v.
Fast women, fast cars
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Pills! Pills! Pills!
Take it off
Pull it on
Botulism is tasty
I’m a pin-up
Aids relief
Flood relief
Bowel relief
Masticate trans-fat
Masturbate verbally
Master Sergeant says, “Let’s keep moving!”
Stay the course
Semi-annual pantie raids
Dancing presidents
Falling starlets: too hot to catch
Climate control
Fucking penguins
Melting, melting, melting
In Kansas and in the Alps
Denim for a fruit shaped ass
Footwear made of animal pelts
Smart producers
Old performers
Today: Circus with news
Riots— not here
Change— not here
Bob Dylan— not there
Neither are we.
Hopped up on CGI, some superheros with overgrown superegos, some fish, some toys— all animated, all adult, all consumable
Small girls
Small dogs
Big bags
Solid aspirations to
Get Made
Get Crunk
Get in line and consolidate
This is the time to love
This is probably the time to conglomerate
This is most likely the time to text
This is the time to ejaculate
This is the time to [fill in the blank]

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