Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"They Are All the Same in the Light"

"In the dark we are all the same--- and you better believe it, we're all in the dark, baby"

— Robin Morgan

Do you want to hear a joke?
I did and only to please him.
The punchline was far from funny and it was a honeyed
trap that I continued to fall in.
On the day I didn't laugh I was met
with indifference
Which is just as hurtful.
Turn it all back to me. It's your movement.
And what a successful one it's been.
I have a joke for the next prick who
whistles at me on the street.
Oppression is funny, if not downright hysterical.
And hysteria is our specialty.
Far from being over and far from funny.
Do you want to hear a joke?
I'm not laughing,
says the Chicana working on her sixth baby
and dodging the punches from
her husband.
And since that Chicana is my sister,
I'm not laughing either.

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