Monday, March 24, 2008

911: What is the Nature of your emergency?

"I claim this mole in the name of Charish."
This is the kind of stuff he allowed her
to say.
She said it because she thought of it
All on her own.
It was a time when he should have told her:
"Please silence yourself."

If someone, some Joe or Jane Blow, off the street,
Told her that in five weeks she'd be sleeping
alone on a blanket of stars. . .
She would have laughed. Not in their face.
No, because she's a lot more composed
Than That.
That was a time when the sky was not empty.
"Ha, ha, ha," she would have chuckled. (alone, of course)

"You have a sneaky tongue."
He smiled and allowed her to spout nonsense.
She said it because there was nothing better
to say at that moment.
It was a time when she left her pride in
the hallway and lied down in a bed of honesty.
She was thankful that it was a time when he
silently agreed and gave her what she wanted
the most.

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