Monday, January 28, 2008

Resolution D 'jour

I decided today, that i was going to watch more porn.
I feel that throughout the week,
I don't see enough breasts or enough penises.
I think I should have these images on hand.
That's the new decree of the day. More porn.
I don't need a sophisticated storyline
I don't need witty dialogue between characters.
I'd like just a milkman, pool boy, or a cable installer
Make a stop at the house of some horny house wife
Who only has sex on Wednesday. Hump Day.
So when she gets her cable installed
Pool cleaned
Or milk delivered. . .
I want to be right there, sitting on the sofa
Watching her mundane day unfold into the fabulous
sex romp, i know she deserves.
And that is why i've got to start watching more porn.

1 comment:

MelCoyle said...

total. ante up girl.