Monday, January 14, 2008

no chance

a couple of mormon girls spotted me at the bus stop this morning
matching denim skirts and tightly pinned buns
I had no chance
I was waiting (listening to secular music) for the bus
"Are you interested in reading the book of Mormon?"
"In these confusing times, we need something to depend on."
Yes, we do. I keep one eye on them and another on an approaching bus.
"God loves you, and with the book of Mormon, you'll learn all about his love."
I want to be loved, but i've got to catch a bus. Can they hear my dirty, naughty, secular music?
"We have a pamphlet for you to read, it's very helpful."
I'm not interested, i don't want buns of denim skirts. i'm getting anxious.
"God loves you."
I need saving (right now). My eyes look like those of a rabbit's. Marvin Gaye is now singing about "gettin' it on." shit. Shit. SHIT.

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