Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inborne Future

A dog told me not to take myself seriously one day.
It was wagging its tail and wearing a smoking jacket.
And as it took a squat in my neighbor's front yard,
I thought long and hard about what it told me.

If the moon makes me a loon, what does the sun
Make me?
I wanted to ask the sophisticated dog, but didn't.
It appeared to have important business to tend to.

I heard some funky Dixieland just the other day.
It told me to get to the back of the bus and drink
From another fountain.
I didn't concede, but I was damned close.

How is it, in this logos world we live in, that
I can be void of all color and be black?
I still like to get down.
Pretty mama, come and take me by the hand.

Some boy told me I was ugly today.
He held a Playboy and pointed at my tits.
Poor kid, I should have said for the both of us.
I said instead, "I must, I must, increase my bust."

Can I, with what I know now, thrust the tits I have
into the faces of glossy pictured naysayers?
I'd give that boy what's left on my chest to shut him up.
But he needs more than my help. I'm no professional.

My child of the future came to me last night
She told me that she felt inadequate.
"Well pilgrim," I said in my best John Wayne voice.
"I see what i can do on this side of the Rio Grande."

Will I get my shit together in time for a small
politically cloned person to come into the world?
My child of the future is faceless,
But I know you're serious, black, and woman.

Good luck to you.

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