Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Was Sweating

when i woke up
i was sick. fatally ill.
i licked the cotton off
my lips and buried my
face in a moutain of
pillow. i finally drowned
in that sweat. it carried
me to the ocean where i
floated the atlantic.
The exotic salts of the sea
washed over me and a
porpoise nudged me with
his nose
water ran through my
nostrils, ears, and throat and
washed me clean.
a shark nibbled at my toe,
found me not to his like and
swam away.
the kelps of underwater abyss
swaddled me tightly in a cocoon.
barnacles attached themselves
to the heels of my feet
weighing me down.
when i reached the bottom
of the ocean floor
i grew gills and joined
my aquatic brethren
we floated and darted together
like pals long lost, long separated.


MelCoyle said...

barnacle is the best word I ever heard!

C.L. Halliburton said...

shit yeah.