Monday, October 29, 2007

I Once Loved a Man

named Hector, who only wanted to make love to me
in the morning.
At night he was tired and I was awake.
In the morning he was awake and I was tired.
When I asked him why he only wanted me in the early dawn,
he laughed.
As if it were obvious.
He told me I was most beautiful in the morning.
I was just born.
My hair in a disarray didn't bother him nor the pillow creases in my face.
Sleeping beauty was roused with a simple kiss,
but it took several scattered along my neck,
a nonabrasive grope to my breast,
and a raspberry blown on my belly.
When i finally open eyes, he told me,
it's as if i were reborn that morning.
It's as if he were the first to meet me
and i him.
It's as if he gave life to me from his rib.
I think of it as beautiful inconvenience.

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