Thursday, June 19, 2008

All I wanna to do is sit where the
smokers sit and eat french fries. I
try to be very nondescript. I do.
"I like Junior Whoppers."
"I like Junior Whoppers."
"Looks like you got a picnic going on."
Yep. Just finishing up actually.
"Mmh." Tobacco pouch is pulled out. "You wanna hear something funny?"
"Do you? Do you wanna hear something funny?"
I got burnt real bad on my back.
the other day. Sun burn, you know?"
"So my aunt says I should take a bath
with tea bags. Tea bags! I don't know,
something about the tannin helps burns."
That's true. (But why would I give a shit?)
"So here I am sitting in a bath full of
tea bags, feeling like a damn fool. . .
but dammit if it didn't work! Tea bags!
What do you think about that?"
That's something.
"Tea bags!"
Well good luck with the burn. Have
a good day.
"All right."

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