Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Elevators have gotten larger
I've lost a considerable amount
of weight.
About one hundred and sixty three lbs.
And one hundred and fifty three weren't
even mine to begin with.
I don't trust/like thieves and shape

But back to those elevators. They've
gotten considerably larger. They
move slower too. When an presence
within is missed . . . it is truly missed.
There was an unsafe feeling before, but
it was mixed with excitement.

it's a feeling called dread---sprinkled
with loneliness and slight. When
the wave of nausea sweeps though,
not even peppermint tea is a levee.
I talked about this didn't I? Remember?
That's why I don't consume with
the same fervor as before

There is an absence in the elevators
and a one hundred sixty three
absence in my body. . .
both are truly missed.

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