Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm here and i want to get there
You're there and you want nothing to do with me
I've got no more than thirty minutes to live
And the pressure's making me a little terse.

No one ever asked you to take up baton twirling
I've always given you the attention you've robbed me for
No one ever asked you to wrestle muskrats for a living.

Did the rain in the snowglobe throw you off? the thunder
in the valley---
was it enough to stop you dead in your tracks?
"the pale faces are coming!"

I never asked you for anything and yet you were
always over there
reminding i should, i can't make you open your
But i can make you raise your arms. Praise!

I've got ten minutes, i haven't told you a damn thing
Luckily you've taken notes. Coward.

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