Monday, February 4, 2008

Girl, you'll be a Woman, soon.

When i was five, i knew i was going to lead a life that only rang in minor key. i wasn't a somber kid, but i kept things real, if you know what i mean. i knew i would prefer beethoven to mozart. i thought the child prodigy that michael jackson patterned himself after was just too lucky. i wanted 'fur elise' to wake me up; i wanted wanted the symphony no.5 to send me to bed. it's only a minor thing, i'm sure. When i turned twelve, the world was laid out like a rotting corpe left by the spanish inquisition. i could poke it with a stick, expecting more, but it just stunk all the same. Here i am now, in the prime of someone's life and not a dime to my name, not blind but considerably lame. It wasn't until i met you, i fully understood the other notes on the scale. i can't appreciate them without you. you've left an obscene impression on me, like carpet lint in clay. I can never get the shit out. and when you've left you say to me, "smile" it makes you happy. I can't help but revert to old habits. I know how to keep it real, i keep it real very well and i don't think i can forget. i'll hear something in major, but i'm not listening. I'll continue to act like a five year old until womanhood is less subjective, much less major, a lot less involving you. I'm sure it's a minor thing.

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MelCoyle said...

amazing! you should read this to me.