Monday, September 17, 2007

Us and Them: Or Downtown Bloomington and Uptown Normal

All that separates us and them, is a package of tater-babies and 29¢ burritos
Jogging on nicely paved sidewalks and dog walking
El Caminos and 1987 Nissans
Walgreens with full parking lots across the street from Applebees
Hanging out on stoops and chewing the fat at the chicken joint
Subdivisions with Mexican groomed lawns and garages full of Sears tools
“First of the Month” folks and “Comin’ into town from the farm” folks
A slightly favored, a much cleaner Wal-Mart
Runny nosed Mullato bastards and coughing old ladies
Coach sunglasses and megaton “lady” Hummers to carry children and groceries
Speakers far too big and far too loud for gentry comfort
Girl scouts who still hump the pavement to make a sale
Beauty supply stores owned and run by quiet Koreans
Bagboys take sacks to the car and people pass gratuity
Drive thru liquor and cigarette shops
The neighborhood watch composed of a “neighborhood elected council”
Televisions that mysteriously fall off the backs of trucks
Cops immediately on the scene for a quarrel over hedge trimming
Oh god--- the difference between them and us is too great to mend
One of us will beg to ignore the other
The other will beg to be seen
But because of the great machine. . .
We’ll continue being “us” and “them”
One side on the illustrious MLK Blvd.
The other with it’s crowded Cracker Barrel

C.L. Halliburton

1 comment:

robert said...

Great capture of the B-N opposition. Where can I get 29 cent burritos? I could go for them right now. (are you talking about the frozen ones from Wal-Mart?)