Monday, September 17, 2007

Tankas Keep Truckin'

“Planetary Alignment”

Sending messages
on winged heels to doom or
salvation at the
risk of mortal wound
such responsibility

Angered beyond kiss
Fiery hammer, shield and sword
Burning lust and dare
Alight his eyes with vengeance
An impatient one to fight

Brought forth from the foam
From the seed of her father
With delight she takes
Love from poor souls giving none
Dreamers lovers pray for glimpse

A mighty father
Such a thunderous temper
Quelled with lightening
Strength to devour all that’s
loved and created by him

Regent of all seas
From eels of forked tongues to
horses with curled tails
waves of tranquility rush
forth into whirlpools of deep

Underneath everything
Below the depths of hellfire
To the ghosts of nothings
Blinded with pennies to pass
This ferryman will not wait.


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