Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I got nothing to worry about, she says to herself
In the bathroom, she shimmies to Diana Ross and the Supremes,
raises her hand to the mirror and protests a man sullying the name
of love.
Her man sits in the next room half listening to her murmur to the
acoustics of the bathroom, half reading his day's work.
She's got nothing to worry about, so she calls out,
"Hey babe?"
"I love you!"
She imagines him nodding with a smile.
I love you too.
okay, nothing to worry about.

1 comment:

Sarah Prais said...

Hey gurl. Haven't heard/seen you in awhile. I think I facebook stalked you awhile back.. and you are married now, right??? How is the married life treating you? I wish you all the best. :D

And, I really like this poem. There is such a simplistic beauty to it. I can see a couple being that way with one another... you get the human condition right on!

Keep on writing lady... you have quite a talent. I bet you will be a famed poet one day.

Ttyl. :)